Who we are

CFG is a forward-thinking Facilities Company which consistently provides clients with high quality integrated services.

We are constantly evolving and looking for fresh ways to supply and partner with various sectors of business.

Industries Served

CFG integrates your services to give you peace of mind that your facility is running as it should be,

efficient and most importantly safe and within budget.

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Domestic Cleaning
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Hygiene/Washroom Services
  • Building Maintenance
  • Consumables
  • Pest Control


Disinfection Management (Covid19)

If you suspect your premises has been exposed or to prevent Coronavirus, Call our specialist Team

Commercial Cleaning Company in Melbourne

Combined Facilities Group has been providing comprehensive cleaning services for over 15 years. We are a forward thinking cleaning company that is focused on providing our clients with high quality services that consistently exceed expectations. Our drive to provide top notch cleaning services has enabled us to constantly evolve our processes to find the most efficient and perfect manner in which to provide a thorough cleaning job. When it comes to commercial cleaning in Melbourne, Combined Facilities Group stands apart due to their focus on having a highly skilled team that can take care of any cleaning job, no matter the level of complexity.

We are at the forefront of office cleaning companies in Melbourne, as we have consistently provided our services in a timely and efficient manner, which has resulted in our long list of clientele constantly returning to us for our services. We have made it to this level of goodwill only through providing a high level of service, without any compromise on quality. Our refusal to compromise on our quality of services has made us, one of the foremost names for commercial office cleaning.

What We Do:

We provide the following cleaning services:

  • Construction cleaning services for clean ups, after construction has occurred in any specific location.
  • Warehouse cleaning services, where we take care of large warehouses, factories and all industrial cleaning jobs.
  • School cleaning services where, we can ensure your school premises are kept extremely clean while using only the safest of cleaning products.
  • Commercial cleaning, where we provide comprehensive cleaning solutions for office premises.
  • Disinfection management, where we provide complete disinfectant cleaning services for specific areas to create a Covid-free environment.
  • Domestic cleaning services for a quick but thorough cleanup for any home.

We prioritise the health and safety, not just of our staff, but also of the people who will be frequenting the regions which is why we only use the highest quality cleaning materials that are sourced from leading manufacturers. You can be assured that when you book a cleaning job with

Combined Facilities Group, then you are not only getting an extremely safe cleaning service, but also one that is focused on ensuring that the safety of the consumer is of paramount importance.

Our highly skilled team is equipped with the latest state of the art technology and the highest quality in cleaning products. Despite our services being top notch, they are competitively priced making them extremely cost effective. When it comes to cleaning there should be zero compromise on the service provider you choose. You need to pick someone for whom hygiene and maintenance is the most important factor.

This is why when it comes to commercial cleaning in Melbourne, your first choice should always be Combined Facilities Group. We can guarantee that when you pick one of the best office cleaning companies in Melbourne, you will get exactly what you asked for; a comprehensive and thorough commercial office cleaning job that has zero compromise on the level of service.