Construction cleaning is a particularly labour intensive process, but it doesn’t need to be time intensive. When it comes to construction cleaning in Melbourne, the best name is Combined Facilities Group. We have provided comprehensive cleaning solutions for over 15 years and in that time, we have generated a long list of satisfied clientele who keep returning to us for our attention to detail, and our immaculate services.

You can be assured that when you go with Combined Facilities Group, you are going with possibly the best construction cleaning company in the area. We can assure you that the cleaning job you expect will be provided to you at a highly affordable rate.

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What We Do?

1. Builder Cleans: Where we extract and clear out the area of any debris or rubbish that accumulates during the building process. This includes taking out dirt and debris from the entire site and giving it a comprehensive clean.

2. Pre-build Cleans: Where we ensure that any site is brought up to a hygienic standard and complete safety is maintained prior to the commencing of building works.

3. Maintenance Cleans: For building projects that tend to last for several months or sometimes years, we have an ongoing program of final cleans to completed areas of the project, which means as the construction goes on, portions that have been done with constructing will be cleaned efficiently.

4. Final Cleans: Where post builders clean a final clean is conducted to ensure that the premises is bought to such a level where it is in a ready to move in state.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are committed to providing comprehensive cleaning solutions at highly affordable rates. We do not believe in compromising on the level of our cleaning services to make a quick buck. It is this attention to detail, which has allowed us to stay in service for so many years.
  • In our tenure as cleaning service providers, we have built a team of highly skilled cleaners who come with a vast amount of experience. When it comes to construction cleaning services, these cleaners will ensure that the premises are kept so clean that you will not have any room for complaint.
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construction cleaning
  • We use only the safest of cleaning chemicals and adhere to standard industry practices to ensure that our cleaning environment is a hygienic and safe one, not just for our cleaners, but also for our clients.
  • We have focused ourselves on providing a high level of service to ensure that our clients keep returning to us. For this reason you can be assured that your cleaning job will be one that is highly efficient, and completely risk free.

So, if you are on the lookout for a construction cleaning company, look no further than Combined Facilities Group. We are at the forefront of construction cleaning in Melbourne, and we can assure you that our construction cleaning services will blow you away with top notch cleaning done every single time without fail. Call us now.